The Time to Achieve Your Dreams of a College Education is Now.

It is important that you carefully review the following information before you start your online application.

Documents Required:

If you are a current college student, we will need a copy of your most recent transcript as well as a letter of recommendation from a professor.

If you are a high school senior, both your letter of recommendation and a copy of your transcript MUST be submitted to us independently by your school’s counselor.

If you are applying as a dependent, you will be asked to attach to your application a copy of the first page of your parents’ tax return if filed jointly, or from each individual parent, if filed separately.

You must submit with your application an Essay containing no more than 500 words.

You must submit with your application a copy of the front and the back of you and your family’s military identification card.

You must submit a copy of you college acceptance letter if you are a high school senior.

Where to Apply:

While you are HIGHLY encouraged to submit your application online, a paper copy of the application may be downloaded and submitted to us, along with your required attachments, at the address identified below. This is the same address that your current school and those submitting paper recommendations and forms, should forward all requested information.


Barber Family Foundation
P.O. Box 220983
Chantilly, VA 20153

Application Submission Deadline:

The last day for submissions was May 15, 2019. We will open back for 2020 scholarships beginning in the fall.

Award Date:

All selected recipients will be notified of their award by email on or before July 1, 2019.

Amount of Award:

We will award up to two (2) scholarships totaling $7,500 each, up to four (4) scholarships totaling $5,000 each, up to six (6) scholarships totaling $2,500 each.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to receive a college scholarship, make sure you meet the requirements.